October energy

The disharmony within me has been so apparent lately. I am experiencing tension in my upper right shoulder blade- which I feel has stemmed from stress towards my assignments, work and my attachment to my past that I’ve held onto for longer than I should. My recent dreams have lead me down a path back to my past- one of loss, hurt and sadness. I haven’t been outside or moved my body much lately. I feel stagnant and I am consuming more foods than needed. My skin is not the best and I am trying to pinpoint what caused such an outbreak. Compared to an expressive and creative September, I have moved inward in the coming October and all I seem to find comfort in is my writing.

Early Spring has been colder than our Winters here.

I enjoy reading back my previous writings, my poems and my work. I am reminded by my creativity and what I can produce. I admire the times when I am in inspired action, and release what I created in that very moment- charged up. The quality of work is so much better and anything else not done within that time frame of magic, is just not the same.

Uneasy feelings like this spark change. I am quite resilient and recognize when such depressive thoughts and feelings arise, I ensure I get back up on my feet in no time. However, I have learnt that I am here to experience all that is human and we simply do not know what happy is if we cannot compare it to the sad or to the darkness. It is okay to be sad, to doubt, to be afraid. Sometimes its easier to dwell in the sadness. It takes less effort. But it is important to not stay in those places for too long and to learn, overcome what is required.

For me, I refuse to feel how I am feeling for the rest of October. I know I am just at a time where my energy levels are low and I haven’t moved much as I’ve allocated too much unnecessary stress towards my assignments and my work.  They’re simply signs telling me to slow down. I feel like resting for the month.

I do not feel like creating my empire today,  or tomorrow for that matter. That can wait.

My October will involve me simplifying my daily activities, placing more emphasis on my IIN studies, and opening up my time for my family and friends. I realize that I’ve been complaining that I’m alone yet I only just realized it is because I do not allow time for anyone. I will also devote time towards my projects- my YouTube, my writing but make sure I do these at a steady pace, guided by my intuition to produce work that is lead by my heart. I want my October to be steady.  And carrying on my recent efforts to be as authentic, honest and raw with myself, I would like to continue getting comfortable with myself so I can let others in.

I am already very proud with the progress I have made. I am loving my body more and more every single day- appreciating that on most days, I am full of energy, I can run, I can dance, my skin glows from being in the sun, I have become fairly toned as I’ve been consistent with moving my body and developed a much healthier exercise routine. I smile more. Hence, I intend to carry this momentum for the rest of the month, the year. Even though I will be slowing down for the month, I will ensure to still surround myself with beautiful things, light up candles, visualize, set realistic goals and feed myself with the most delicious things.

May October be a month of beauty, love and light.



Slow down

Agitation arises when I am not doing things that propel me towards my visions,  my goals. I can’t sit still. I am fully aware that I can choose to change this situation any time I want. However, as high as I want to fly, in this physical dimension, there are certain constraints that pull me back down to Earth.

Your work, your family, your other commitments, things that allow you some degree of freedom yet you would not be able to wonder as far as you like.  Not right now anyway. The world is not yet ready for all of us to live like there is no tomorrow. For example, in this reality- it is important to have a source of income.  And as much as I would like to spend my days outside, climbing hills, in the water, drawing, writing, cooking, I value my family too much to just pack up my things and leave them. I value my security too much to just live like there’s no tomorrow. To some extent-  I like structure, I like feeling safe, I like organisation. And so living unpredictably, spontaneously would not suit my personality. At least, if the world is not yet ready for everyone live everyday guided by their intuition, I am not ready either.

In this physical dimension with this concept of time,

I am to remind myself that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I am not settling.

I am in divine timing.

In this dimension, I am in the right place at the right time.

Even if I am in an undesired situation.

I am meant to sit in here, indoors, finish off this dam assignment and move on.


In celebration to the Full Moon 

I feel beauty as I run,

Moon water colour by Annie Tarasova

My body propels me,

My body feels light.

I feel beauty when I am outside,

next to the blue canvas of the sky.

I feel beauty when I lie,

with my bare skin against the warm tiles.

I feel beauty on cool nights,

The moon is beaming,

And my emotions magnify.

I have surrendered to my body,

And in return my soul shines,

I am now realizing  my own

true feminine divine,

All the beauty,

in this body,

energy flowing,

stars are glowing,

As I shower in candle light.

This is a list of the things that make me feel beautiful. I experience what I can only describe as an intense feeling of love gifted by the universe that translates as tingles throughout my body. My body is electric, charged up and this physical overwhelm leaves me running, moving, smiling, chuckling, expanding. We are meant to experience more of these feelings.

I am very sensitive to how I feel each morning and throughout my day. Lately, I haven’t been feeling so aligned. In particular, I notice that I challenge my self-worth when I spend most of my days indoors- doing things that don’t raise my frequency, things that do not help me work towards my purpose, my goals and I am likely to resort to low frequency habits like comparing myself to others. Hence this list is a good reminder for me during times when I do not feel in harmony, do not feel beautiful.

I am also to remind myself that I feel beautiful when I am working on my purpose. I am so lucky to have finally found my purpose, my mission, my curiosity in so many things that leave me with just enough beauty that I know no one can take away from me. For those who experience moments in lack of self-worth, I suggest you to explore and create your purpose. You will immediately light up. You will be so busy working towards the things you love doing that you have no idea you are shining ever so bright.

Another thing that brings me back to a place of beauty is surrounding myself with candles. I now shower with candles around me (bonus points for saving electricity) and light up them up before bed. There is something so beautiful when you are showering in candle light. You can see your skin glowing, as if your body is a map of the stars and the rest of the galaxy.

I hope you all find beauty within yourselves,

Love Cherie


Courageous Action

I recently posted a quote on Instagram:

“Fear is not the opposite of Love, it is a compass showing you where to go”- By Mastin Kipp. 

I came across Kipp- thought leader and founder of the Daily Love through my IIN  (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) learning. He mentions that we need to stop demonizing fear and the ego and see them as guides to go beyond the limitations we set for ourselves. And if the things we are fearful of doing but know they will do us good are not putting us in life-threatening situations, then why are we not doing them?

He refers to such uncertain act as- c o u r a g e o u s  action. 

What also stood out for me was that if we continue to live comfortably with fear and pursue the things we are afraid of doing, then this has the ability to change us on a biological level. So imagine if we did one uncertain thing every day,  how would we look in 1, 2 years time? We would look and feel extraordinary.

Kipp also states that the quality of our life is based on how comfortably we live with uncertainty in our lives. And for him, he decides to to live in a “perpetual state of courageous action”. After listening to this, I was inspired to take baby steps in my daily life and do one uncertain thing every day. After all, all the things I avoid doing, fearful of doing are no where near close to putting me in a life-threatening situation. When we remind ourselves of this, what we avoid doing  seem so silly not to do hey.

In my last post, I wrote a message to the universe regarding my long time struggles with my skin as I have been a long-term acne sufferer. For many years, I have always covered up my skin when going out in public. And as I become more comfortable talking about it, expressing it, I feel that my next step is to go out in public without any makeup on. This is courageous action to me. Skin has been such a sensitive topic for me and given that I am in the health industry and a women’s health advocate, I place even more pressure on myself to look a certain way. I am fine with all the other parts of my body, but skin exposes my vulnerability. I know this act will do me good, do my skin good, make me feel accomplished and at the end of the day I am able to come home and pat myself on the back, give myself a hug, give myself a lot of love, knowing that I am able to move beyond the limitations I have set up for myself.

I wonder what courageous act I will be doing tomorrow.

Who else wants to do this with me?


Green Breakfast Bowl

I am for high protein breakfasts to start the day and to stabilize my energy levels. I added turmeric and pepper into my scrambled eggs to obtain the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin in the turmeric. I also added seeds to increase the nutritional content in this breakfast bowl. Pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc and other skin loving minerals.


  • 1/5 onion
  • 1 small garlic clove
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  • 1/3 medium zucchini
  • Generous Handful spinach
  • 2 free range eggs
  • Seeds of choice- pumpkin seeds
  • Sauerkraut (optional)
  • Salt and pepper

To make:

  1. Dice onion and garlic and cook on medium heat with olive oil till lightly browned.
  2. Meanwhile: dice zucchini, and crack and whisk eggs with salt and pepper with turmeric.
  3. Add zucchini in the pan and stir till soften and lightly browned.
  4. Add in spinach to pan and wait till it wilts.
  5. Reduce heat and pour egg mixture over.
  6. Stir the mixture around till egg is cooked.
  7. Remove from pan and garnish with seeds and sauerkraut. Add avocado if you like 🙂

Change Nothing and Nothing Changes

We are just one decision away from choosing a different path, a different feeling. All it takes is one decision followed by one action. That is my current post on Instagram. And I fully embody this and have seen the positive effects it has in my life. I am outside more, I enjoy different food more, my room has evolved into a beautiful space, my days are more productive and varied.

We have the choice to put ourselves in a different environment, to surround ourselves with things we love, those who love us and remove the people and things that do not serve us. We have the choice to put ourselves on a higher frequency, and instead of reacting to our external environment, we can choose to dictate our environment.

For me, my current main struggle is with my studies, I continue to have built up anxiety and out of habit I constantly push my studies aside, fully aware that I am just one decision and one action away from making progress in it. I know this path will make me feel a lot better,  reduce my stress and I will sleep better. Yet, I continue to choose- not to do it.

To practice what I preach, I will change up the way I study- I don’t even have a study routine (that’s how low I prioritize my studies.. ) so I find that studying at my university- in an environment where everyone else is also studying I am more likely to make progress and equipped with better resources. I also find that I study better in the mornings, yet I like to be home in the morning to prep my mind for the day, workout, and have a yummy breakfast (these I highly prioritize) so that would just mean I am to wake up earlier and allocate some time to study also. This is just my thought process- so to conclude, I will devote an hour of study in the morning, and in the afternoon I will  make my way to university to continue my studies. I will also make Wednesday a weekly day for my studies.

This is just an example of how we must change up our routine to make better progress in the things we want to achieve and if we are successful from this change, we are more open to making other changes in our life.



I’ve discovered a power. I’ve always read about it, heard about it and tried to conjure it. It doesn’t last very long but lately its become stronger. I felt it just then. It feels like I was placed outside of my body, where I am detached from my mind and my physical being, revealing that although these were mine, I was never limited to both. This out-of- body experience is freeing, empowering and energising.

Lately, I’ve been observing how my body responds to certain events, people and conditions. Like how my body tightens during uncomfortable conversations and how I breathe less when having fearful thoughts. When I bring myself back to the present, I acknowledge and accept the feeling I experience in that moment and fear begins to dissipate.  I can control everything around me.

My days are lighter, I enjoy what is right here, I love more, I breathe more.