No perfect time

There is no perfect time.

And there wont ever be.

To do that thing, that pulls at your heart strings,

That makes your soul sing,

Yet you wait for timing.

There is no perfect time.

And there wont ever be.

For you to be fully prepared,

your mind to be free,

your worries released,

your fears deceased.

So take my hand,

And listen closely,

The universe is listening,

To all things you be wishing.

I assure you,

Magic is working for you.

So do it now,

And you will see,

Everything you want,

You will receive.



With grace 

Every day I gain my power. Every minute of every hour. 

This feeling I would not trade, not for a chest of diamonds or for a sorcerers blade. 

For I have finally found, my very own soul that had long been drowned. 

And now with every move I make, is with strength, with grace, 

With love, and gifts from above. 

For angels are assigned to me and revealed to me my abilities. 

I have fallen in love with the sky, the sun, the stars.  So deeply and completely,  I will not part. 

For these will always remain with me, like my angels that put me back in harmony. 


I’ve discovered a power. I’ve always read about it, heard about it and tried to conjure it. It doesn’t last very long but lately its become stronger. I felt it just then. It feels like I was placed outside of my body, where I am detached from my mind and my physical being, revealing that although these were mine, I was never limited to both. This out-of- body experience is freeing, empowering and energising.

Lately, I’ve been observing how my body responds to certain events, people and conditions. Like how my body tightens during uncomfortable conversations and how I breathe less when having fearful thoughts. When I bring myself back to the present, I acknowledge and accept the feeling I experience in that moment and fear begins to dissipate.  I can control everything around me.

My days are lighter, I enjoy what is right here, I love more, I breathe more.

Save yourself 

You do not know, 

That every night I pray for you. 

Pray that you are safe, and the boy I knew, is still true. 

You do not need to be with me, 

As long as you are free,

From the darkness that consumes you. 

Please boy, you can choose, 

A life of love or a life of hate. 

It’s not too late. 


This excerpt was taken from my previous Medium blog account. 

The bad dreams come, a great time for my insecurities to dance in imaginative bodies.

New ones entrance you and you now can move with them.

Your tanned skin, piercing brown eyes, thick lips, your resilient body. And when you speak with such control, they will smile and sway their bodies. Your charm will capture many and have them admiring what is in front of them.

I know what will happen when you let them in. But they do not know that. They will be enlightened by your conversation, happy with your introversion and interests that do not go with the mainstream. They wouldn’t need to worry about you going out at night. Because you wont.

And they will feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Until you let them in.

The boy I fell in love with. 

I had a good day today. I was around nice people and had good food.

But when night time came, my mind started playing games.

My body asks to be put to sleep.

So I yawn, I warm my bed. But my heart aches and my head says the day is incomplete. 

So I decided to open the box of your letters. 

One by one, I am reminded by your kindness, your love for me, 

Your honesty. 

You were the sweetest thing back then. 

You were my light, my magic. Oh how it’s all turned out so tragic.

You absolutely adored the being that I was, in the most healthiest way. 

There was no fear, no possession, but pure love and affection. 

This was the boy I fell in love with. 

The boy who saw good in others, who wanted to be forever lovers. 

And not hurt each other, but grow together. 

It would just be you and me, and you promised to love me completely,  

And never hurt me. 

This was the boy I fell in love with, 

Now it all sounds too good to be true. 

This was the boy I fell in love with, that made me miss the clues. 


Yesterday I got a reading,

It came with all such fright.

She revealed me your darkest secrets, those blinded by my sight.

Pins pricked my heart, pricked my lungs, split my veins,

I kept reaching for air,

I am shaking, my body breaking,


Oh sweet boy,  you are no longer there.

There is no more light in you,

Beauty that is not true,

We are now at end- due.

No body wins,

Forgive our sins,

My love no longer is with you.



Tonight I dodged a bullet, it left no trace of a sound. 

Tonight I dodged a bullet, I am lucky to still be around. 

Tonight I became awaken to the monster I allowed,

In my house, in my bed, in my lounge, 

Disguised in jewels, pearls and gowns. 

Tonight I dodged a bullet, I’m letting go of it now, 

To end a chapter in my life, 

And for my soul I have found. 


What are you doing right now? Are you under the covers child?

Have you been outside chasing birds, touching cats like you’ve been all your life?

Do you still dream you’re an agent, fighting robbers, escaping buildings, catching spies?

Or have the monsters come out before bed time and you cry all night?

Tears fill my pillow from dreaming of you and I,

Me in denial and you just standing there, with your playful smile.

Why did it have to be so hard, it was magic for a while. 

Till words turned harsh, turned painful and my body became fragile.

I am hurting, I know you’re hurting, but I guess I’ll be fine.

Hope you sleep soundly, good night poor child.

Missing you 

Life is happening and never have I felt so uncomfortable. 

I hope you’ve stopped drinking Coke. I hope you eat vegetable. 

I hope you cleaned your room and chucked my socks away. 

I hope you continued your driving lessons and getting that motorbike you’ve always wanted. 

I hope you carry a torch with you this time when you travel to those dark places. 

I hope you are nice to your dad. 

I hope you don’t jump into any silly spaces. 

I hope your soul is still with you.