I’ve discovered a power. I’ve always read about it, heard about it and tried to conjure it. It doesn’t last very long but lately its become stronger. I felt it just then. It feels like I was placed outside of my body, where I am detached from my mind and my physical being, revealing that although these were mine, I was never limited to both. This out-of- body experience is freeing, empowering and energising.

Lately, I’ve been observing how my body responds to certain events, people and conditions. Like how my body tightens during uncomfortable conversations and how I breathe less when having fearful thoughts. When I bring myself back to the present, I acknowledge and accept the feeling I experience in that moment and fear begins to dissipate.  I can control everything around me.

My days are lighter, I enjoy what is right here, I love more, I breathe more.


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